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Keir Starmer is no friend of LGBTQ+ people

By Jacob Blong, Socialist Alternative Merseyside

Following Rishi Sunak’s vile transphobic comments around the murder of Brianna Ghey last year, Starmer cynically portrayed himself as standing with Ghey’s family against transphobia. In reality, however, Starmer has no intentions of supporting the queer community, which is shown not only by his history on trans issues, but also his support for the capitalist system that perpetuates the oppression that queer people suffer from.

Starmer has recently said that he supports a ban on trans women from female-only hospital wards, claiming his views on gender issues “start with biology”. Last year, he repeated the idea, echoing the transphobic right, that “a woman is an adult female”, to make it clear which side he is on in the struggle for trans rights.

The Labour party is positioning itself as ‘the best managers’ of the capitalist system. This is fundamentally incompatible with the fight for liberation of queer people and the working class that we so badly need. Starmer defends a capitalist society that will favour the profits of large companies over the lives of queer people and the working class as a whole. In practice, this will mean more cuts to the NHS, making it even harder for people to get gender-affirming surgery, while we move closer to a profit-driven health service. Trans-inclusive education will remain off the cards, and instead we will hear further culture war talking points used to back all this up.

It is evident that no meaningful change can be gained by putting our faith into either of the main parties, as they function only to maintain the current status quo, while the large companies rake in profits atthe cost of the welfare of the working class. It is clear then that we need a working-class struggle, with LGBTQ+ people and all those oppressed by this system at its forefront, to fight against transphobia and all attacks from the incoming government. Only through mass struggle can we overthrow the capitalist system that perpetuates the discrimination queer people face.


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