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Students rise up for Gaza: Spread encampments to end the genocidal war!

As the invasion of Rafah begins, the mass slaughter of the Palestinian people is gathering pace. Students across the world, understanding the need to escalate the struggle against the Israeli state massacre, have organised a wave of university encampments. Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, London, Edinburgh, Oxford and Cambridge have already seen such encampments pop up, with potential for them to spread further. 

Socialist Alternative sends our solidarity with this mass movement and offers to provide assistance and solidarity however we can. 

Where now?

We propose the next step for the movement would be to connect up and coordinate the encampments. An open assembly across Britain, drawing together democratically elected representatives of the encampments, could discuss how to grow and broaden the movement, escalating to win our key demands of an end to British state support for the Israeli military, and divestment from companies linked to the brutal occupation of Palestinian land. 

Plans for a nationwide, coordinated student strike to shut down all UK universities will be a crucial way to push this movement to the next step. 

Organised solidarity from campus trade unions will also be essential. UCU, UNISON and all other unions represented on university campuses should provide the full material assistance they can. If there is repression of the encampments or any victimisation of students or workers speaking out against the war, workers’ solidarity action should be prepared to demand: no victimisation or brutalisation! Cops off campus! A joint movement of students and workers is necessary to build the most effective mass movement against imperialism, war and the capitalist system which drives it. 


We say: 

  1. Divest university funds from state and private institutions linked to the brutal occupation. 
  2. Students and workers – organise together! Unions should prepare strike action in coordination with student encampments 
  3. Build towards a nationwide walkout and strike to shut down campuses across the Britain 
  4. End the attacks on the students! Full amnesty for student protestors – no to repression! 
  5. For solidarity with Arab and Jewish anti-war students at Israeli universities – build a movement against imperialism across the Middle East! 
  6. End all British military support to Israel. We need a permanent ceasefire and an end to occupation and siege 
  7. No to Sunak and Starmer. We need a new anti-war party for workers, students and all those resisting war and oppression 
  8. For a socialist Palestine, for socialist change in Israel as part of a voluntary socialist federation of the Middle East

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