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Why I joined Socialist Alternative

A key reason for my decision to join Socialist Alternative was because I was shown how capitalism is intrinsically linked with the discrimination, homophobia and racism that I see in my community, and on a wider scale. By having discussions with other members, I was able to understand where these issues stem from, and to understand the role we can have in fighting against them.

By Jacob Blong, Socialist Alternative Merseyside

I was first introduced to Socialist Alternative through a rally that took place in Liverpool in 2022, and I later got in contact with a local member in order to learn more. By being introduced to Socialist Alternative in this context, I was given a short insight into the action that members of Socialist Alternative take, in recruiting new members and staging political interventions. This action aimed at working class people was a large part of the reason I joined.

I have only been a member for a few months, but I am still impressed by the impact that our members have. A key example would be the Revolutionary Ideas event that was organised by Socialist Alternative nationally and hosted by my local branch, which allowed me to talk with other socialists from across the country, as well as attending workshops that had open discussion around important topics such as the role capitalism takes in transphobia and misogyny, or the economics of a socialist society.

Events like these gave me confidence in Socialist Alternative as they show the impact that our organisation has, as well as giving all members a chance to discuss our views as an organisation and how we can organise to achieve these goals. If you are thinking of joining Socialist Alternative, I would highly recommend you do, it is the best way to organise and allow us to bring about real change in society.


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