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PCS Elections: Vote for Liat Norris and other left candidates!

Elections for the leadership of PCS run from 18 April – 14 May. We carry below the election statement of Socialist Alternative member Liat Norris.

PCS needs a shake up. For too long the current leadership represented by the “Democracy Alliance” has had overwhelming control of our union. And what has been the result?

Wasted strike mandates, refusal to reballot, real-terms pay cuts painted as victories, one-off payments that left some members on Universal Credit worse off! PCS members deserve so much more than this, which is why I am standing for the NEC as a voice for change.

After 15 years of below inflation pay rises we need real pay restoration. It is unacceptable that each April, PCS members need pay uplifts because their pay would otherwise fall below the minimum wage. We need a leadership that will fight for this, and not merely accept the first offer brought to the table.

Our workplaces are deliberately understaffed, creating stress and unrealistic pressures. We need a real national campaign for more jobs, not just against further cuts. This cannot just be imposed from above, and we cannot silo staffing campaigns to groups.

As secretary of PCS Proud I’ve seen first hand the current leadership’s total inability to properly consult with members. I understand Scottish members’ anger at changes to their structures imposed on them. There should be no decisions made about union structures without genuine democratic consultation and agreement. We reject top-down backdoor deals in our workplaces, we should reject it in our union.

Capitalism is a system in crisis, only offering declining standards of living, instability and war. Vitriol is spilling out against migrants and LGBT+ people, particularly trans people, using well-worn divide and rule tactics.

These attacks fundamentally harm all workers, but, unfortunately, some of this hostile rhetoric has found its way into our movement. PCS has long-standing policy supporting trans rights, but past rhetoric of leading elected officials has not always reflected this. These false divisions let the real enemies off the hook. Our movement gains nothing by echoing this and we need to fight it.

I’m a member of Socialist Alternative. I’m not a member of any union faction: I will work with anyone willing to build strong, principled rank-and-file networks and a culture of transparency and accountability.

Socialist Alternative calls for a vote for:

President – Lloyd
Vice-Presidents – Carlsen, Laidlaw, ​​Semple, Wesley
NEC – Bishell, Brittle, Carlsen, Chown, Clarke, Criddle, Cuckson, Davidson, Day, Dennis, Hamer, Heemskerk, Jones, Laidlaw, Lawton, Lloyd, Marks, Menezes–Jackson, Norris, Ritchie, Rosser, Semple, Smith, Spencer, Tweedale, Virtue, Williams, Worswick, Wright, Young


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