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Why I joined Socialist Alternative

By Izzy Walker, Socialist Alternative West Yorkshire 

I first came across Socialist Alternative at Leeds Pride last summer as I was invited to sign a petition to oppose the anti-trans legislation that the Tories were trying to push through. After some discussion with the members on the stall, I was invited to a public meeting where I learnt more about their aims and ambitions, and the changes they want to make in the world. After that, I joined several of their weekly meetings and had discussions with members about what it meant to be a member of Socialist Alternative. I was always made to feel welcomed, and not pressured into joining straightaway – they said it was my decision and I should join when I was ready.

I joined Socialist Alternative a few months after these meetings and discussions, because my views align with theirs, and through them I could contribute to building a better, fairer, society – a socialist one. Another feature I really liked was Socialist Alternative’s stance against oppression.

Capitalism relies on oppression and division to keep the working class separated – Socialist Alternative recognises this and campaigns on it regularly. The meetings themselves were also accessible, with an option to participate via Zoom. There are members from all across West Yorkshire in my branch, who would find it difficult to travel to meet up in person every week!

Being a member means I am part of something that makes genuine change to society and people’s lives. Since joining I have also become more informed on politics, and how our country operates, and importantly, what we can do to organise and bring about a change in society. If you are in a similar position, then I’d recommend you get in touch with Socialist Alternative as well to find out about getting involved!


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