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Socialist Alternative supporters in UNISON launch new website

We are pleased to announce that supporters of Socialist Alternative in UNISON, the public sector union with over 1.2 million members, have launched a new blog to help publicise the work being done to build a fighting and democratic union. Check out the site by clicking here.

The left in the union, organised through the Time for Real Change (TFRC) campaign, within which Socialist Alternative participates, has made progress towards the transformation of UNISON.

Socialist Alternative aims to build on that change. As we wrote after the 2023 National Delegate Conference, we think that “we need to build TFRC at all levels of our union and to develop it as a broad, fighting and democratic organisation. TFRC will need bold, public facing campaigns aimed at recruiting and organising branch activists across the union.”

To strengthen this process we aim to build the influence of Marxist ideas, in order to arm the struggles that will take place with the correct tactics and strategy to help win victories for our members.

On the blog, you will find reports from meetings of the National Executive Council written by our supporters, as well as updates on campaigns that are critical for UNISON members, including the lessons of the inspiring victory won at Ash Field Academy in Leicester. There will be resources for socialist activists, such as model motions and resolutions which can be taken to UNISON branch meetings for discussion, for example on the issues of Palestine/ Israel and the fight for trans rights.

We encourage UNISON members to read our blog and help circulate it to fellow members. If you agree with what we are doing, join Socialist Alternative to strengthen the fight for militant unions and the socialist transformation of society.


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