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US Amazon worker fired for union organising: Solidarity needed!

For just under a year, workers at Amazon’s largest air hub in the world – KCVG in Northern Kentucky, have been locked in a battle to win the right to a recognised union. Sensing their weakness and the workers’ growing strength, Amazon management have viciously retaliated.

Griffin Ritze is the latest worker to be fired by Amazon as part of their shameful anti-union campaign. He was fired for no other reason than for helping to organise the union. Hear from Griffin about Amazon’s slimy union-busting tactics, how the union is leveraging Amazon’s attacks against them, and how they’re ramping up organising structures to build the kind of campaign that can win.

The KCVG union drive has been receiving increasing attention as workers fight for a $30 an hour starting wage, 180 hours paid time off, union representation at disciplinary meetings, and translation rights for all workers. Amazon is terrified of this democratic, rank-and-file union campaign, and they’ve shown again and again that they’re prepared to use every dirty — and illegal — tactic in the book to try to crush it.

KCVG workers aren’t taking this lying down—they’re using all of Amazon’s union-busting attacks to further build momentum to win union recognition and a strong contract.

Sign this letter to demand that Amazon:

  • Immediately cease all of its anti-union activity

  • Immediately reinstate Griffin Ritze, along with other pro-union workers who have been improperly terminated

  • Agree in writing to respect the results of an election conducted by the National Labor Relations Board, and to commit to promptly negotiate with ALU-KCVG if a majority of workers vote UNION YES.

Watch the latest episode of OnStrike, the regular broadcast of Workers Strike Back in the US now! 


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