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US-China Cold War is a disaster for working people: Interview with socialist activist Tom Crean

What is the US-China Cold War, and why does it matter for working people? This new Cold War between US imperialism and Chinese imperialism impacts every aspect of the world situation today, from the war in Ukraine to the war on Gaza to climate change.

The horrific violence we’re seeing around the world has led millions of working people to wonder why these disasters are happening and how we can stop them. In order to bring these wars to an end and win the kind of society working people need, we must understand the roots of these conflicts and the interests of the ruling classes who orchestrate them.

In this episode of On Strike, the podcast of Workers Strike Back in the United States, Bia talks with Tom Crean, a longtime activist with Socialist Alternative in the US and internationally. He is currently writing a book about the end of the era of neoliberal globalisation and the beginning of the new age of global disorder, a key feature of which is the new Cold War.

View the episode here!


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