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Workers’ action to stop the massacre in Gaza! Model motion for unions

As the Israeli state’s brutal onslaught on the people of Gaza escalates, with the threat of wider regional war, the need for a mass anti-war movement against imperialism, occupation and capitalism is more urgent than ever. 

Socialist Alternative members in the trade unions have put together this model motion, which can be used around Conference season to stress the need for workers’ action and solidarity to stop the massacre in Gaza.

If you would like to move this motion, please get in touch with us at info@socialistalternative.net.

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This union notes:

  • The murderous assault by the Israeli military against the people of Gaza, causing thousands of deaths and many more injuries, almost two million displaced from their homes and many at risk of disease and starvation through lack of access to basic medical supplies, food and shelter.
  • Even before the Israeli invasion of Gaza, 2023 was the deadliest for Palestinians in the West Bank. Administrative detention, harassment from settlers and expulsion from their homes is the norm under the leadership of the Israeli government and backed up by the Israeli police and military.
  • The alarming threat of an expanding war across the wider Middle East, with potential to involve Lebanon, Iran and other neighbouring countries and actors.
  • Within Israel, Palestinians who hold Israeli citizenship have faced ongoing repression. Arab-Palestinian students and Israeli-Jewish activists have faced victimisation and witch hunts from their universities, anti-war protests have been repressed and workers in schools and hospitals have also faced victimisation.
  • The Israeli assault has brought millions onto the streets around the world, including here in the UK, to demand a ceasefire and an end to the occupation, the oppression of the Palestinians and for peace. Despite the majority of the British public being in favour of a ceasefire, both the Tories and Labour have given a green light to the actions of the Israeli government.
  • The attempts by the Tories, employers and education institutions to clamp down on free speech and the right to protest against the war on the Palestinians.
  • The call from the Palestinian trade unions in October 2023 to urge workers around the world to show solidarity and to not comply with the war machine.
  • The increase in both Islamophobic and anti-Semitic attacks and incidents in the UK.



  • That the trade unions have a big potential role to play in the fight for liberation and genuine peace.
  • We oppose all attempts to clamp down on the right to protest and discussion of this issue, and continue to oppose any attempts to curtail the Palestine solidarity movement. Solidarity with the fight for Palestinian liberation does not equate to support for Hamas, or for violence against Israeli civilians or abuse of Jewish people here in Britain. We strongly oppose anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and all forms of racism.
  • We support the call of the Palestinian trade unions for workers solidarity and trade union action against the war machine.
  • We oppose education institutions within Israel expelling Palestinian students and anti-war activists from their courses and any victimisation of workers.
  • We need to look at the root causes of the conflict. As a union, we stand against the ongoing occupation and repression of the Palestinians.
  • Ultimately, the ruling establishment of Israel, and the surrounding states in the Middle East, have no desire for, or path to peace. They help perpetuate the continuing violence. We support a movement of ordinary Palestinian and Israeli workers, democratically organised, on both sides of the national divide, and of the masses across the region to challenge the capitalist system that maintains this nightmare; to fight for an end to the occupation, siege and all oppression and exploitation and in support of equality, rights, genuine peace and security for all.


We resolve to:

  • Continue to publicise and call on members to join protests in solidarity with the Palestinian people, against the war, occupation, siege of Gaza and further escalation.
  • Continue to actively support for solidarity from the Palestinian trade unions.
  • Ensure the widespread distribution of union campaign material throughout our union.
  • Fight against any attempt to victimise our members in the workplace who speak up for the plight of the Palestinians and stand in solidarity with any worker or student victimised in other sectors.
  • Seek to deepen and strengthen links with unions and campaigns in Palestine/Israel who stand against the occupation and to support workers’ struggle on both sides of the Green Line.
  • Maintain and build links with independent trade unions and workers’ organisations across the Middle East. Only active international working-class solidarity will be able to fend off the threat of new wars and massacres across the region.

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