England, Wales and Scotland section of International Socialist Alternative

Socialist feminists protest in towns and cities against misogyny and transphobia

By Lydia Freeman, Socialist Alternative Brighton

25 November is the International Day for the Elimination of Gender-based Violence. In more than seven cities, Socialist Feminist Alternative formed coalitions with feminists, trade unionists and other activists, organising protests in revolt against misogyny and transphobia.

Local branches directed demands at councils, universities and central government including calling for a ceasefire in Gaza where 65% of those killed are women and children. Cuts to women’s refuges and the justice system have left women vulnerable and rape convictions are at an all time low. We have highlighted that capitalist institutions will never protect us.

The Tory culture war against trans people has left school children vulnerable to abuse and is legitimising anti-trans stigmatisation, abuse, and violence. We called and continue to call for an end to these attacks, standing in solidarity with our siblings all over the world facing oppression and violence. By organising demonstrations, we are fighting to establish 25 November as a day of struggle in Britain, but we need to go further; building this campaign into a mass movement for the end of capitalism, to win complete liberation.


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