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Fund the fightback against gender violence!

On 25 November, Socialist Alternative is calling for the widest possible mobilisation for protests against misogynistic and transphobic violence. This date is the UN’s annual day for the elimination of gender violence. We want to turn it into a launchpad for the type of movement we all know is desperately needed against the oppression of this sick system which is literally killing women and gender non-conforming people on a daily basis, with Sarah Everard, Brianna Ghey and Sabina Nessa being only a few people that have been killed in the recent period.

Across Britain we are organising speak outs, protests and public meetings to coordinate a fightback against gender violence and transphobia. We need material for this, we’ve already produced a leaflet that has had a really good reception, but cost us over £300, and we need to replenish our stock. We’ll also need to get placards, posters and megaphones to ensure that the protests are lively and encourage as many people to get involved. But we know one series of protests will not be enough.

We won’t ever get justice or safety under the sick system of capitalism. We want to use these protests as a method to bring together all those who want to fight back against capitalism into a movement to end it. This will require funding to get the materials and tools we need to promote our ideas and strategy to fight back.

We don’t have rich backers that fund our work. Instead, we rely on donations from working class people and youth who understand that we need to fight back and agree with our ideas. Can you donate £5, £10, or more? £15 would help us book out meeting rooms to bring together people wanting to fight back and discuss our ideas. £30 would help us buy a megaphone to lead chants throughout towns and cities.

We want you to think about what you can donate, and then think again. Can you forego a morning coffee on the commute to work, uni or college and instead donate that money to the fightback? Every single pound you can donate will be put to good use, not just in the run up to 25 November, but in fighting the sick and decaying system that breeds oppression and division in society and perpetuates misogyny, transphobia and gender violence. You can make your donation by clicking here.


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