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Braverman gone: Now organise to bring down the Tories!

Suella Braverman has been sacked. After months of inflammatory, xenophobic, transphobic and racist rhetoric, she is no longer Home Secretary. However, the bile that Braverman has been coming out with, most recently over hundreds of thousands of people showing solidarity with the people of Palestine protesting against the Israeli state’s horrific attacks on Gaza, is merely an echo of what the Tories have been putting out for a much longer period.

Braverman’s departure will be met with a sigh of relief from millions of people. It also highlights the desperate situation Sunak’s government finds itself in. Sunak has been forced to bring back disgraced former leader David Cameron as Foreign Secretary as he struggles to keep the Tory ship afloat. The Tories will continue to cheerlead the right-wing Israeli government in its pummeling of Gaza. They will still promote anti-trans rhetoric, and they will try and push through their policy of sending asylum seekers to Rwanda later this week.

To fight back against these kinds of attacks, we must focus the anger against the Tories through working-class action. A small example of this is the blockades of weapons manufacturers, to prevent weapons being shipped out to Israel. However this needs to be taken further. Imagine if the workers in these arms manufacturers organised to strike, stopping the production of the weapons altogether. A similar call was put out to Belgian transport unions to refuse to load and unload weapons heading to Israel and to call for an immediate ceasefire.

It is these kind of concrete actions taken in this country, and then spread internationally, that can help bring an end to the indiscriminate killing across Israel-Palestine, and with this new-found strength of the working class, we can bring down the Tory government at the same time.


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