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Join us to protest on 25 November against gender violence!

On 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Gender Violence, Socialist Feminist Alternative are organising protests around Britain. We will be calling for an end to the disgusting ‘culture war’ being put forward by the Tories. These attacks have fed anti-trans abuse, violence against women and gender non-conforming people, and misogyny. But we cannot simply stop there. Capitalism is a system that relies on division and oppression to maintain its rule. We need socialist change. A socialist society, based on the working class collectively owning and democratically controlling the world’s resources to meet need, rather than profit, would offer a different future. In place of exploitation we could have solidarity. In place of poverty, plenty. In place of oppression, the possibility of genuine equality. 

Join us at one of the protests we’re organising below, or get in touch with us if you want to organise your own and we can help with advice and supplying materials. Email us at info@socialistalternative.net


1.30pm, Jubilee Square


TBC contact coventrysocialistalternative@gmail.com or @covsocialists on Instagram


12pm, Market Square (outside Barclays)


2pm, Gallowtree Gate


12pm Derby Square


24 November – 2pm, UCL Main Quad, walkout. Follow @uclstudentsocialistalternative on Instagram for more details


12pm, All Saints Park, Oxford Road Entrance.



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