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Come to Revolutionary Ideas: A socialist day festival

On 11 November, Socialist Alternative is hosting its Revolutionary Ideas day festival in Liverpool. With capitalism around the world lurching from crisis to crisis, workers and young people are getting organised and fighting back.

In Britain, the Tory government is massively unpopular and clinging onto power; lashing out against refugees and trans youth in a last-ditch effort to hold onto their collapsing base of support. On the other hand, working class people have been getting organised to fight back against the historic cost of living crisis which we have been forced to bear the brunt of over the past year, while the billionaires’ profits hit record highs.

Over a million people went out on strike last year to fight for a pay rise and against the grinding down of our public services. At the same time, we have seen massive turnouts at Pride events in cities around Britain, standing in stark contrast to Tory LGBTQphobia.

Across the world, amid the climate catastrophe, war, and a worldwide cost of living crisis, workers and young people have launched inspiring struggles such as mass strikes in France and the powerful feminist uprising in Iran.

Around the theme ‘the working class is back’, we are bringing together socialists, trade unionists, students and youth activists, alongside others fighting back against this system in Britain and internationally for Socialist Alternative’s first ever day festival of discussion and debate at the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool on 11 November. We will cover key questions like:

  • What alternative is needed to crumbling British capitalism?
  • How can we build a mass socialist feminist movement to fight back against the Tories’ right wing culture war?
  • What are the next steps for the mass strike wave that has swept Britain over the last year?

Click here to sign up now and join us to hear about how revolutionary ideas can change the world!

Free childcare will be available. To request, please get in touch before the end of October: info@socialistalternative.net


Kshama Sawant is a Seattle City Councilmember, Socialist Alternative member in the US, and a founder of the campaign Workers Strike Back.

In 2014, she became the first socialist elected to public office in Seattle in 100 years. Since then, her council office has led grassroots movements of working people to make Seattle the first city to win the $15 minimum wage, to tax Amazon and big business to fund affordable housing, and a number of victories for oppressed people such as a historic ban on caste discrimination, and making Seattle an abortion rights ‘sanctuary city’.

She will be speaking at The Working Class is Back, our international socialist rally.

Suzanne Wrack is an award-winning women’s football writer and the author of A Woman’s Game: The Rise, Fall, and Rise Again of Women’s Football, as well as women’s sport correspondent for The Guardian.

She will be speaking as part of our opening rally: Fight the Right-Wing Backlash with Socialist Feminism.

Tom Barker is a striking worker at Ash Field Academy, where determined action has brought the strike to national significance in the trade union movement. Having taken 27 days of strikes so far, the workers have already secured the 8% local government pay offer, and victories for pay equality between different sections of staff.

These are important victories for a historically underpaid groups of worker, who are mainly women and people of colour. Now they are gearing up for a new round of action to demand a real cost of living pay increase. The Ash Field Academy strike shows how a fighting approach to strikes can win significant victories.

Tom will be speaking at our main rally: The Working Class is Back!


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