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Shocking murder of Elianne Andam: Not one more lost to femicide!

By Sarah Wrack, Socialist Alternative London

Another horrific femicide has shocked the community in Croydon, South London, and all those who have heard about it. 15-year-old Elianne Andam died at a bus stop after she was stabbed multiple times with a foot-long knife. This followed an argument between her friend and the friend’s ex-partner, who then chased them and attacked Elianne. Socialist Feminist Alternative sends solidarity to Elianne’s family and friends and all those impacted by this senseless loss of such a young life.

Many will not be aware of the gender violence aspect of this crime. After all, the mainstream press coverage has hardly mentioned it. Instead they have implied this is only an issue of youth violence, emphasising a particular issue with gangs in Croydon. This narrative is particularly problematic given that the victim was a black woman, since it plays into deep-rooted and long-running stereotypes.

It seems that Elianne’s friend had turned down advances from her ex-partner, who attempted to give her flowers when she was returning some belongings to him after the break up. Evidence shows that abusers are at their most dangerous during and after a relationship ends. 41% of women killed by a male partner or former partner in 2018 were murdered after they had separated or taken steps to separate.

This fact emphasises that gender violence at its root is about power and control. The capitalist system reinforces, in a multitude of ways, misogynistic ideas about relationships, masculinity and consent. Exploitation and oppression are woven into the fabric of capitalism. That’s why we are building a socialist feminist fightback.

Join with us to build for the biggest possible protests against gender violence across the country on 25 November! We will be saying:

  • Organise against this violent system!
  • Make our schools safe places for all!
  • We need trans-inclusive healthcare now as part of a fully funded, publicly owned NHS!
  • We need resources and support for all survivors of abuse!
  • Fight for a socialist alternative to the violence and oppression of capitalism!

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