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Revolutionary Ideas Socialist Day Festival: The Working Class is Back!

REVOLUTIONARY IDEAS is a one-day socialist festival of discussion and debate, organised by Socialist Alternative. This will be a chance to discuss key questions like: How can we build a mass, socialist feminist movement to end oppression? How can capitalism be ended? And what do the ideas of Marxism have to offer us in the 2020s?

As capitalism spirals further into crisis, workers and young people are fighting back. The brutal impact of an unprecedented cost of living crisis, soaring inflation and stagnating wages mean that households are facing the biggest hit to their incomes since records began. At the same time, we are experiencing the largest strike wave in Britain for over 30 years, as workers become increasingly militant and combative.

Support for the Tories is collapsing. Their use of culture war issues and reactionary rhetoric to scapegoat migrants and trans people amongst others is an attempt to sow division and reflects their weakness. But their right-wing agenda has consequences. Trans rights are under attack in schools, the Gender Recognition Reform Bill in Scotland has been reversed, and hate crimes are increasing.

Internationally, we are living in an age of disorder. A global pandemic which led to the deaths of millions of people. The war in Ukraine continues to escalate. Climate catastrophe threatens the future of the planet. But globally we are seeing uprisings on issue after issue, from the massive feminist revolt in Iran, the general strike in Israel-Palestine, huge protests against Macron in France – the working class is on the march!

Join us to discuss how revolutionary ideas can change the world. There will be international speakers from International Socialist Alternative as well as from the labour movement, and lots of discussion and debate – book your ticket now! Our early bird tickets are on offer until the end of August, so make sure you get yours booked today!

11 November

11AM – 6.30PM
Adelphi Hotel Liverpool, Ranelagh Street, L3 5UL 


Confirmed speaker: Kshama Sawant

Kshama Sawant is a Socialist City Councilmember in Seattle, and a founder of the recently-launched Workers Strike Back campaign in the US.

“I really look forward to participating in Socialist Alternative’s Revolutionary Ideas festival. Capitalism is a global system, and the working-class fightback has to be international!

Here in the US, we’ve launched Workers Strike Back, a nationwide organisation to build militant rank-and-file action. We’ve been organising alongside Amazon workers, UPS Teamsters, and Seattle’s renters and grocery workers.

I am eager to learn from the fightback of education and health workers in the UK, so we can build real international working-class solidarity. See you in November!”


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