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Why I joined Socialist Alternative

By Mala Carys, Socialist Alternative Manchester

I joined Socialist Alternative as I am currently doing a PhD in Molecular Biology. As a scientist I seek the truth to understand the fundamentals of life. Through this pursuit, which is not confined to the laboratory, I have found socialism to be the clearest scientific analysis of class struggle that I can find – which could lead to a society with climate justice and without oppression.

During this journey, I joined Socialist Alternative which, as a part of International Socialist Alternative (ISA), is an international organisation at the leading edge of 21st century socialism. Being a part of ISA allows me to be an active socialist both practically out on the streets, going to demonstrations, supporting strikes, and running political stalls to discuss our ideas with working class people and youth, as well as educationally, discussing socialist works from the past all the way through to how socialism could be built in our present for our revolutionary future.


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