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The revolutionary ideas of Karl Marx: International rally for a socialist world, 26 July

The revolutionary ideas of Karl Marx offer as relevant a strategy for the most pressing problems of the day as they did when Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto 175 years ago. How can we stop the skyrocketing cost of living crisis, end the war in Ukraine, reverse attacks on abortion rights and trans people, do away with oppression in all its forms, or prevent the billionaires from running the planet into the ground and unleashing untold climate catastrophe?

The conclusion of Marx’s work remains a burning necessity for our movements today: all these problems can only be fully addressed with a global movement to replace the rotten capitalist system with a socialist one, democratically-planned and based on human need.

Join hundreds of members of International Socialist Alternative from every continent at our INTERNATIONAL RALLY to discuss how to best apply Marx’s ideas to the struggle to build world socialism today, and how to get involved.

The event will be held Wednesday, 26 July at 10am Vancouver // 12pm Mexico City // 1pm NYC // 14.00 Buenos Aires & São Paulo // 18.00 London // 19.00 Brussels & Joburg // 20.00 Moscow

Join us in person at Aula Vesalius, KU Leuven (Vesaliusstraat 11, Leuven, Belgium) or tune in via Zoom, Facebook or Youtube. Interpretation offered (in person and over Zoom) into Deutsch, Nederlands, Español, Français, עברית, Português, Svenska, Русский and possibly other languages.

RSVP today: https://tinyurl.com/marxisa


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