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Join Socialist Alternative at Pride over the Summer!

This summer, Pride protests will witness an explosion of political anger. A powerful wave of opposition is rising against the relentless assaults on LGBTQ+ individuals, particularly targeting the trans community. The Tories, seeking to sow division among the working class, have chosen trans people as their scapegoats.

From the reprehensible attacks on GRR in Scotland to the insidious attempts to redefine ‘sex’ in the Equality Act solely in terms of biological attributes, and even the coercive push to expose students’ identities by implementing new guidance for teachers to out trans pupils, a mood of resistance is emerging. This resistance holds the potential to mark the beginning of a formidable fightback.

Notably, young people, in increasing numbers, are pointing the finger at the capitalist system. Many young people and workers are rejecting the notion that capitalism is the only possible system, and are looking for alternatives. At Pride events this summer, and through public meetings, we will be putting forward an alternative to the capitalist system that thrives on division and oppression. Our fighting demands aim to change society into one founded on the solidarity of all working-class and oppressed people. A socialist society – based on public ownership and democratic control over the economy – can lay the foundation for a world that is free of all forms of oppression.

Socialist Alternative will have a bold presence in Pride events throughout the summer. We will highlight the radical origins of the movement, and fight to reinject that radicalism into Pride to overcome “rainbow capitalism”, and raising ideas on how to confront all forms of oppression through fighting for a socialist society.

Below is a list of the Pride and Trans Pride events that we will have a presence at. Do you want to build a socialist movement to reclaim Pride? Join us!

Brighton – Trans Pride 15 July // Public Meeting: Pride is a protest: Building a Movement to Defend Trans Rights, 20 July, 8pm, Hanover House 113 Queens Rd, Brighton BN1 3XG

Chester – Chester Pride 19 August

Glasgow – MardiGla, 15 July // Public Meeting: Pride is a Protest: Queer Liberation not Rainbow Capitalism 17 July, 7pm iCafe, Ingram St G1 1EX

Leamington Spa – Warwickshire Pride 19 August

Leeds – Leeds Pride, 6 August // Public Meeting: Fighting for LGBTQIA+ Liberation through Socialism, 9 August, 6pm, Pack Horse, Briggate, Leeds LS1 6AT

Leicester – Leicester Pride 2 September // Public Meeting: Fighting for Full Trans Healthcare, 12 July, 7.30pm, Secular Hall, 75 Humberstone Gate, Leicester LE1 1WB

London – London Pride 1 July // Public Meeting LGBTQIA+ Liberation not Rainbow Capitalism 3 July, 7.15pm,  Housmans Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Rd, London N1 9DY // London Trans Pride 8 July

Manchester – Manchester Trans Pride 12 August // Manchester Pride 26 August // Public Meeting: Fight for LGBTQIA+ Liberation, not Rainbow Capitalism 31 August, 7pm, Friends’ Meeting House, 6 Mount St, Manchester M2 5NS

Merseyside – Film showing: Pride 7pm, 10 July, DoEs Liverpool, Liverpool L3 8HL // Liverpool Pride, 29 July // Public Meeting: Pride’s Revolutionary History: Winning Liberation Through Socialism 31 July, 7PM, DoEs Liverpool,

Nottingham – Nottingham Pride, 29 July

Sheffield – Public Meeting, Fighting for Trans Rights, 7pm, 3 July, Gardeners Rest, 105 Neepsend Lane, Neepsend, Sheffield S3 8AT // Pinknic, 15 July // Radical Pride, 22 July

Shrewsbury – Shrewsbury Pride 30 September



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