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Coronation farce: Abolish the monarchy, fight for a socialist republic!

The coronation this coming weekend will be a festival of privilege, wealth and prestige. 

While workers are relying on food banks, while people go homeless due to the capitalist ‘cost of living crisis’, a king with an estimated net worth of £2bn will order us to ‘pledge our allegiance’. All while he wears a century-old cloth and gloves encrusted with gold. It is no wonder that an estimated 84% will choose to abstain.

This ceremony will not be about simply ‘celebrating tradition’ and holding street parties. It is about telling working class people to defer to a hereditary ultra-rich ruler. Far from staying ‘neutral’ and ‘outside politics’ the monarch’s role today under British capitalism still is to appoint and give his royal blessing to governments. If we organise the mass general strike that we urgently need, can we really expect ‘His Highness’ to stay neutral? 

This coronation week, Socialist Alternative urges you to pledge allegiance instead to the resurgent working class, striking from health, to education, transport and elsewhere for long overdue pay rises. Join your local picket line.

Now more than ever, we need a mass movement to abolish the monarchy, along with the House of Lords. But we can’t stop there. Instead of hereditary, elite rule, we fight for a socialist republic, with democratic workers control not only over the state, but over the tremendous wealth that exists in society. 

We need to seize the wealth of the royals, nationalise the estates and the key sections of the economy to plan for need, not for profit and privilege. 

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