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600,000 workers strike together!

Yesterday, an estimated 600,000 – including teachers, support staff, civil servants, junior doctors, university workers, London Underground and Amazon workers – took strike action. An estimated 100,000 staged an inspiring march in London. 

Members of Socialist Alternative took part and joined this mass action. We will soon produce a lengthier piece discussing what the workers’ movement will need to do next to win. But we said in our leaflet: 

“Sunak clings to power by his fingertips. He has led on a toxic right-wing culture war, particularly against trans people and refugee rights. He can quite easily be kicked out of office with a general strike. But this will mean serious discussion on strategy to win across our whole movement, and how to use this opportunity to boldly go on the offensive.”

“For coordinated action to be as effective as possible, all unions with live disputes should be taking part. On 1 Feb there was a missed opportunity with RCN and Unison Health not joining the action.”

“This is why going into our next round of national coordinated action from a position of strength will have to mean a clear plan of coordination and escalation, both at the top and at the grass roots of the unions. The TUC should do this, but we need to prepare the ground ourselves. We can’t be waiting forever!”

“Democratic conferences of workplace reps and stewards could be convened to push this forward, both within and between unions. Cross-union strike committees in towns and cities could deal with the business of a plan of local escalation and mass recruitment into our movement and pile on the pressure coming out of 15 March. Mass workplace meetings should be convened to openly discuss the contents of offers made and to have the final say over decisions of if and whether to suspend action.”

“All unions with live disputes should now prepare the ground by naming the date for a general strike, the sooner the better. This would allow for national and regional demonstrations and rounds of rolling action in the run up. Even if only for 24 hours, it would serve as a powerful example of what the workers movement can do.”


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