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Manchester protests in solidarity with the Iranian revolution

On Saturday 11 February, a demonstration was held in Manchester, organised by Red Roots Collective, a group of Iranian socialists, and Manchester Trades Council. The theme was ‘Woman, Life, Freedom’, and solidarity with the Iranian revolution. Over 80 people attended the demo including over a dozen members of Socialist Alternative.

“From Iran to China – spread the revolution!”

The rally started with some Iranian speakers from Red Roots Collective, followed by a speaker from International Socialist Alternative and chinaworker.info Tim, who was from Hong Kong. He made links with the potential for a coming revolution in China, pointing out parallels and similarities between the brutal regimes in China and Iran, such as the imprisonment of activists and the suppression of women’s rights.

Banners were held on full display as well as flags, all of which displayed the anger and determination to resist the tyrannical regime of the Iranian government. Red Roots members also gave out leaflets in Farsi for other Iranian people who were attending the demo.

We then marched from All Saints Park to Piccadilly Gardens. Speakers from Red Roots led chants such as “woman, life freedom”, “no to fascism”, and “all powers to the shuras (workers’ councils)”. Chants eventually got louder and louder as we reached Piccadilly Gardens.

International workers solidarity

The second half of the demo was a lot more light-hearted. We sang a song called ‘Revolution of People’, which expressed the necessity of a revolution in all corners of the world, unifying the workers’ struggle. We also danced, clapped, stamped our feet and did a circle dance to Iranian music to commemorate the beauty of Iranian culture, again, led by Red Roots members.

What was especially enjoyable to see about this demo was how people from all ethnic backgrounds – Iranian, Kurdish, British – were chanting, singing and dancing, reminding us of how these struggles come under the general global workers’ struggle and our demands for a socialist society.

In addition, some chants during the march were in Farsi, to include people who only spoke Farsi. The way all attendees came together was rather wholesome, reminding us how the opposition to higher powers like kings and Mullahs transcends ethnicity and nationality as these authority figures oppress working people, especially women and queer people – which is why we need shuras in Iran led by the people and the working class, for the whole people.

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