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Sickened by Andrew Tate? Protest on 8 March – International Women’s Day!

This March 8, International Women’s Day, we need to champion global resistance against oppression and exploitation more than ever. In Afghanistan, women and girls lack their basic rights to education and employment. Bodily autonomy is under threat, in Iran from the regime, in the US from attacks on abortion and trans rights, in Britain from Tory transphobia.

Andrew Tate and his supporters blame women for this crisis. Despite posing as ‘anti-establishment’. Tate is ultra-rich and powerful, like Elon Musk, Johnny Depp, and Jordan Peterson. These ‘rebels’ support the capitalist system which exploits and oppresses the majority of people. Figures like these are in bed with the Tories and their billionaire mates, who breed the harassment faced by women and queer people daily.

No trust in the sexist capitalist establishment!

Misogynists are emboldened by videos from Tate and others. However, censoring them won’t make them go away – they could even gain support by posing as victims of ‘cancel culture’. We can only depend on our own struggles to tackle this problem.

The police and ‘justice’ system fail women and queer people. Tate publicly admits sexual assault but there have been no prosecutions, even when women came forward to the police.

This predator claims to hold an answer for a disillusioned generation facing a bleak future under capitalism. Working class men have been let down: not by the global women’s movement, or what Tate calls “the matrix”, but by his millionaire backers and their system exploiting people of all genders, and the planet.

Regaining control means overthrowing the Tories, and the whole capitalist class. Their system of exploitation drives the deep crisis in society. To prop up their rule, they desperately whip up division and play on so-called ‘traditional values’, promoting the likes of Tate.

We need a socialist feminist fightback!

Working class people are fighting back through widespread strike action, with growing public support. Socialist feminism must be at the heart of this.

Misogynistic ideas come from the top. Even Tory ministers who are women or people of colour do not hesitate to use sexism and racism to defend their system – they are loyal to their class and their billionaire backers. We must drive them out!

Women and gender non-conforming people are at the forefront of the strike wave. From NHS workers to teachers, this shows the potential to bring socialist feminism into a united working class taking action – for real solidarity in practise.

Strike and protest against misogyny!

IWD must be a day of protest against Andrew Tate and the bosses, uniting all genders to reject misogyny, LGBTQ+phobia and violence. We demand safety and freedom from harassment in school, on the streets, and at work.

We are getting organised and taking inspiration from the coordinated strike action by the working class, as well as feminist struggles in Iran and elsewhere.

We need collective action against sexual harassment in schools and workplaces including strikes and protests. Education workers and parents should join students taking a stand – organising protests and school walkouts against misogyny, whoever it comes from. This can build a movement uniting the majority to fight for a better future for all.


Protest on 8 March! Local event details




Saturday 11 March, 12pm

Central London (details TBC)




Wednesday 8 March, 7.30pm

Friends Meeting House, Mount Street, M2 5NS


Saturday 11 March, 12 noon

Manchester City Centre

Details TBC




Wednesday 8 March, 6pm 

St George’s Hall


Monday 13 March, 7pm 

DoES Liverpool, 68 Kempston Street 

(Text 07950101448 for more info) 


West Yorkshire 


Wednesday 8 March, 7.15pm 

Huddersfield Irish Centre, Fitzwilliam Street

(Text 07716063326 for more info) 




Saturday 11 March, 2.30pm 

iCafe Ingram Street, Glasgow 




Saturday 4 March, 1.30pm 

Leicester Clock Tower

(Text 07747444450 for more info)




Saturday 11 March, 2pm

Broadgate, Coventry (by the Godiva Statue)


Monday 13 March, 7pm

St. John the Baptist Church, CV1 3AY

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