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Amazon workers take historic strike action

Originally published 26 January 2023

By Coventry Socialist Alternative members

Wednesday 25 January will go down in history as historic – the first ever official strike by Amazon workers in the UK. Hundreds of GMB members took action at the BHX4 plant in Coventry, showing that whatever the obstacles, whether it is Tory anti-union laws or a greedy global corporation, it is possible to take action.


At one minute past midnight, the first workers walked off the job, enthusiastically greeted by dozens of local trade unionists and supporters, including Socialist Alternative. The bravery of those who walked out can’t be overstated and should be an inspiration to the entire working class.

Pickets were set up through the day, with widespread press coverage on major media outlets, with Amazon workers eloquently putting their case.

The evening saw an extremely lively rally supported by the local trade union movement and activists from further afield. In a very positive development, members of Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil also attended. This support needs to be replicated by the trade union movement when it comes to the climate struggle.

The fight against environmental destruction and workers rights are entwined – companies like Amazon will always put profit before the climate and workers, and we need to build a mass struggle to rid the planet of the capitalist system.

Global struggle

This historic first day of strike and the way forward must be discussed, to strengthen the fight for decent pay and a union. There is a huge opportunity to unionise not only Amazon but the whole warehouse and distribution sector.

This is not a fight just here in the UK. Socialist Alternative members spoke to people about the battle to unionise Northern Kentucky Amazon AirHub, where worker Edward Clarke has been fired. Click here for more info.

We were proud to support this first day of strike action and will continue to build solidarity and discuss the way forward for the movement.


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