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Open letter from Enough is Enough activists: A call for action on 1 February!

Originally published 14 January 2023

We publish here a letter signed and written by activists in the Enough is Enough campaign across the country, who are calling on all the unions currently in dispute to coordinate industrial action on 1 February. Socialist Alternative strongly endorses this letter and thinks EiE could have a key role to play in pushing this process ahead. Please consider:

• Passing this letter as a motion in your local EiE group, trade union branch or community campaign and get behind the fight!
• Add your name to this list as an individual

View and sign the letter here!

This is an open letter, written and signed by Enough is Enough activists and groups across England, Wales and Scotland. Please sign below to say WE NEED:

• Escalating mobilisations and solidarity rallies as the strike wave grows, with resources provided by the National EiE campaign. This would encourage the building of support for the strikes and increase involvement in solidarity picket lines.
• To make 1st February a National Day of Action of strikes and rallies, in coordination with all those unions which have voted for strike action
• Victory to all those workers engaged in the fight for better pay, conditions and services!

Not for over 40 years has Britain witnessed so many different strikes which are coming in ever increasing waves. Workers are fighting back, but we are faced with a Tory government determined to attack our unions and destroy public services in the process. The united determination and growing anger of trade unionists stands in their way. The stakes have never been higher, since the Tories appear to be contemplating even more draconian anti-union laws. Yet this is a weak and hopelessly divided government which has exacerbated the appalling cost of living crisis and is impacting millions of families. With one big push, the Tories can be driven from office.

These strikes will not recede any time soon since all the combined grievances we are fighting cannot be wished away. Workers are demanding cost of living pay rises, but also an end to cuts, closures and redundancies. To apply maximum pressure, we need to see greater coordination of the various disputes, and with a clear plan of action to escalate any action where employers will not see sense.

Enough is Enough was launched in the Autumn of 2022. Quite rightly it has caught the imagination of millions and has mobilised hundreds of thousands onto the streets. The next few months will now be a critical test and we must rise to the challenge. This is why some of us have come together from local groups up and down the country to call for a greater national role from EiE in assisting these struggles, by organising solidarity rallies and mass pickets, applying even more pressure on employers and the government by showing public support and isolating the government. We welcome the call from the TUC to call a Day of Action on 1 February.

We call on all of those unions with active positive strike ballots to coordinate strike action and protests on the day. Where leaders rule out involvement in this day of action, we believe they should urgently reconsider and throw themselves into this movement. EIE must play a major role in mobilising wider support for strikes and demonstrations on this day, including calling protest rallies in support of the strikes. This could force the government onto the back foot, whilst giving confidence and support to all those taking strike action. In reality this could become the largest strike wave in British history!

EiE has an important role and responsibility to play in this scenario and we all stand ready to join the fight. Whilst we have all been working locally with various disputes and picket lines, there can be no substitute for national coordination.


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