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As we go enter the Christmas period, can you donate to fund the struggle for socialism in 2023?

As we come to the end of the tumultuous events of 2022, Socialist Alternative has played its part in these events, from having a vibrant and lively socialist bloc on the 18 June TUC protest, intervening into Pride with our slogan “Pride is Protest – LGBTQ+ Liberation, not rainbow capitalism”, to holding solidarity rallies after the overturning of Roe v Wade in the US.

We also made an impact at universities during Freshers events – the thriving student group we have achieved at UCL is exemplary and sets up our Student Socialist Alternative society there to be able to bring Marxist politics back onto campus. 

We turned towards Enough is Enough to help point the way forward for the campaign to have maximum effect, had a strong presence at the People’s Assembly Protest in November and organised actions around the country for the International Day Against Gender Violence including speak out stalls and public meetings in places like Glasgow, Leicester, London, Liverpool, Coventry, Huddersfield and supporting Reclaim the Night in Manchester on 30 November. 

And that’s not forgetting that we’ve seen three Prime Ministers this year! With the Tories in crisis, our everyday work has become more important, and members have held regular stalls in high street and shopping centres week in, week out. 

But to provide all the material for all this costs money – at the time of writing, we’ve spent over £4,000 on printing leaflets and posters alone! And this is just one of the costs that a revolutionary party incurs as it builds in working class areas. We don’t have any big financial backers – we rely on the donations of working class people who see the importance of the work we do and want to financially contribute. 

If you follow us, and are inspired by the work we’re doing, then please consider donating to Socialist Alternative, so we can continue this work into 2023! 


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