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Day one of nursing strikes: From the front line to the picket line!

Socialist Alternative members were out across England and Wales bringing solidarity to striking NHS staff in the Royal College of Nursing. Day two of the RCN’s historic strike action will take place on Tuesday 20 December.

The message is clear: health workers are done with claps and are now fighting against decades of underfunding, dismantling and privatisation of the NHS.

The entire workers movement must rally with these strikes! This means fighting to build maximum coordination between the health workers and any others in dispute.

We need a general strike. Immediately, unions should join forces locally and nationally – all strike together on February 1! This could serve as a launching pad to reballot where workers have failed to meet the anti-democratic Tory strike thresholds and carry the struggle into the spring and win for workers everywhere.

To stop a winter of fuel poverty, profiteering and chaos, Socialist Alternative fights for nationalisation and workers control of the rail, mail and energy companies, alongside the banks and other corporations which dominate the economy. We stand for ending the rule of the super rich, and building a system based on planning for the needs of people and the planet: socialism.


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