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Thousands join Enough is Enough national day of action

115,000 postal workers and 50,000 rail workers as well as Felixstowe and Liverpool dockers were on strike today. They were joined by thousands of others rallying together in Enough is Enough’s national day of action. 

This huge demonstration of strength shows how working class people everywhere are seeing no other way out of the cost of living crisis. While the Tories and the bosses hammer us for profit, we are getting prepared to stand up and strike back!

Across England, Wales and Scotland, Socialist Alternative has actively taken part in building Enough is Enough, which has the real potential to galvanise working class anger into something which can take the fight to Truss’ government. But this will mean a discussion over what sorts of action we will need. 

As our popular placards said boldly: “COORDINATE, ESCALATE, BROADEN TO BUILD A GENERAL STRIKE!” We need to draw together workers in existing disputes democratically, with bottom up coordination to demand action from our leaders. We will need to escalate our action, increasing frequency to hit the bosses where it hurts, all as a step towards generalised action which could drive out the Tories and put the workers movement on the offensive and fight for fundamental change. 

As the leaflet handed out by Socialist Alternative said:

“To meet its full potential, EIE must be a forum for democratic discussion and energetic campaigning. It must be a space to organise and to coordinate, bringing together trade unionists, climate activists, feminist and anti-racist campaigns. It should also be a place where ideas can be debated. 

Because to win the change that is really needed, our movement needs big ideas. We need ideas that represent the real interests of working-class people, ideas we can fight around. We need an alternative to the logic of this sick market system of poverty and chaos. 

That alternative is socialism – based on public ownership of not just rail, mail and energy, but of the banks and monopolies that currently dominate the economy. With democratic planning by working-class people, we can build a world that works for the millions, not the millionaires.”









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