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Amazon workers say no to poverty pay: Link up the walkouts!

This is Socialist Alternative’s initial response to the growing wave of sit-ins and walk outs at Amazon warehouses across the country. A longer piece discussing strategy for the actions will be out soon!

Over the last 24 hours, workers in at least 3 Amazon fulfilment centres have organised walkouts against Amazon’s derisory pay offer of 35p. These strikes, organised largely unofficially, show the determination that exists to win a payrise that can truly help offset the cost of living crisis. 

Socialist Alternative gives our full support to Amazon workers taking action. As the cost of living crisis continues to sharpen, these workers are showing the way forward for other low paid, unorganised workers facing the worst impacts of inflation.

We say

  • Link up the walkouts to coordinate the action! 
  • For democratic strike committees to fight back against Amazon’s infamously brutal anti-union methods as seen in the USA, and also to spread the action further. 
  • For full union rights for all workers from day one 
  • Fight until we win! For a real, above-inflation pay rise as well as a £15/hr minimum wage for all workers 

More from Socialist Alternative in the US on Amazon unionisation drives:


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