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AQA workers take strike action!

UNISON members at the AQA exam board are taking strike action following a derisory 3% pay offer from the employer. Members have faced years of below inflation pay rises and with inflation currently running at over 9% (even higher for RPI). This amounts to a severe real terms pay cut.

UNISON wanted to keep talks open but the employer refused, instead deciding to consult individually with members, going against the collective agreement. To make matters worse, AQA has disgracefully threatened the use of the fire-and-rehire tactic. This has further angered members and has only strengthened the resolve of members to stand up and fight.

Three successful days of strike action took place between Friday 29 and Sunday 31 July. Many members joined the picket line, particularly on the Friday where the mood was defiant and celebratory. There were lots of solidarity visits and messages from other union branches.

Our branch has recruited lots of new members in the lead up to the strike, proving that when a union takes action they will win over new layers of workers. Particularly noticeable is the number of young members and those on precarious contracts who are engaged in the action.

UNISON is going nowhere until the employer gets back around the table. More dates have been announced between 12-15 August on the lead up to A-Level results‘ day.


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