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Why I joined: “Socialist Alternative can really make the difference”

I moved to the UK from Italy in September 2020. As a socialist, I committed myself to look for local organisations to get involved with. On the one hand, I wanted to “play my part” as an activist. On the other hand, I wanted to develop an understanding of how social struggle is taking place in the area where I live (in terms of connections to broader trends we see in the UK and in the world). I found out about Socialist Alternative through the university where I work. So, I started coming to meetings, buying the paper, and even took part in a stall as a non-member. I eventually decided to join. 

What I appreciated most is that the organisation has a clear orientation towards practice  – ranging from supporting local strikes to taking the lead in campaigns like the one for the NHS workers. However, I also felt that there was a good approach towards theoretical discussion, even in regard to topics where differences among members may arise.

This was very important for me because it allowed me to understand that the organisation has a clear standing on issues that other organisations treat with some ambiguity. Some of the issues I am referring to are democratic participation in a revolutionary movement and the connection between class struggle and other emancipatory movements (like the LGTBQ+ struggle). This is what makes me think that Socialist Alternative can really make the difference as a revolutionary organisation.


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