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Capitalist energy crisis: Make the rich pay, nationalise the energy companies!

As costs of living go through the roof, with our wages and benefits failing to keep up, a £700 energy bill hike will push millions into poverty and hardship throughout Britain.

The Tory government’s response, which gifts billions to super rich energy bosses, will barely make a dent in our suffering.

Capitalism’s energy crisis is not of our making. Private profiteering, together with a ridiculous dependence on dirty fossil fuel energy like gas and oil, is to blame.

Unless the working class gets organised and fights back, things will only get worse. With Boris Johnson’s scandal-hit government on the ropes, decisive and militant working class struggle can defeat them and win big improvements for workers and young people, preparing the ground for a real alternative.

Socialist Alternative fights to

  • Cancel the energy price hike! Freeze prices and establish democratically-managed price controls to guarantee access to heating and eating for all
  • Fight for above-inflation wage rises and a £15 minimum wage for all workers! Restore the Universal Credit uplift
  • For a new mass protest movement to bring down the Tory government. Unions, environmental, anti racist and feminist movements must unite in protests and strikes to force them out!
  • Make the rich pay for the energy crisis! Tax the wealth of the “winners” of the pandemic – the big bosses and billionaires – to pay for spiralling energy costs
  • Take the energy companies into public ownership, with democratic workers control and management, and eliminate the profit motive from our essential services
  • For a socialist green new deal to replace expensive dirty fossil fuel energy with mass investment in renewable energy, creating millions of good jobs for workers
  • Build a united working class movement to end capitalist crisis, inequality and oppression, and fight for a socialist change which puts the needs of people and the planet first. For a new mass left-wing party of struggle!

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