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COP26 protest – join the international ‘red bloc’

COP26 protest

Demand system change!

Our planet is burning. Wild fires, floods, melting ice caps, critical tipping points – we are running out of time. In November, the leaders of the world’s rich and powerful meet in Glasgow at the COP26 climate summit. From these leaders we can expect lots of grand words and few grand plans.

That’s because the vested interests of the huge monopolies which dominate global capitalism, and therefore billions of lives, will be all too well represented inside Glasgow’s SEC centre. But outside those walls, we have an opportunity to raise our voices for the fundamental change that’s needed. So International Socialist Alternative is mobilising people from across Scotland, England, Wales, Europe and the world to join the mass COP26 protest.

By creating the largest possible socialist bloc on the march, we’ll be making a powerful statement of intent. We’ll be saying that working-class and young people will not accept a system that prioritises profit over planet every time. Instead, we will build a huge movement for system change – for socialist change.

Socialist change means taking the big polluters out of private hands, with no shareholder compensation except for those with proven need. It means democratically planning the economy across borders. This would lay the basis for a rapid and just transition away from fossil fuels. It would secure a bright future for our world.

COP26 protest sign-up

If you want to be part of the most important contingent at the COP26 protest, you can! We can help you with transport or accommodation. We’ll put you in touch with other socialist campaigners. Our members will support you to mobilise others and spread the word. And we’ll help you to be part of making history this November. If you’re interested, or if you just want to find out more, then you know what to do.

So fill in this form and we’ll be in touch!

Transport details:

Greater Manchester, Lancashire & Merseyside – contact Becci on 07703 353130 / becciheagney@gmail.com

Yorkshire – contact Matt on 07716 063326 / matthew.hirst@gmail.com

West Midlands – contact Paul on 07813 909992 / coventrysocialists@gmail.com

East Midlands – contact Tom on 07896 841902 / tom.p.barker@gmail.com

London & South East – contact Sarah on 07956 132470 / sarah_wrack@hotmail.co.uk

South West & Wales – contact Caroline on 07429 643273 / carol.v@live.co.uk


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