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Letter: Hotel hell – safe and decent housing for refugees now!

I’m sure like many I was deeply saddened to learn of a 5-year-old boy who had recently arrived in England having escaped from Afghanistan, had lost his life this week. What made this even worse was that this death could have been wholly avoided. 

Previous guests had reported the lack of safety on the windows. With one guest stating “she was worried about her children’s safety for the very same reason and cut short her stay”.

Having stayed in the very same hotel myself only weeks prior to his death, there is nothing positive I can say about this place, other than the friendly receptionist. The rooms are riddled with damp, the carpets are filthy, the beds are extremely uncomfortable and the smell is horrendous. I had zero sleep all night – it was that uncomfortable – and the only thing I could think about was driving the 65 mile round trip to be able to sleep at home that night and return in the morning. 

Having stayed here, I feel saddened and ashamed to know that people of Afghanistan have escaped horrendous conditions and risked their lives to arrive in Britain. Only for once again, the Tory government to provide them with the lowest, most disgusting and extremely unsafe place for accommodation. 

Louise Lewis


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