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Socialist Alternative growing in Scotland

Socialist Alternative members were out on the streets of Glasgow over the May Day weekend, building support for an independent, socialist Scotland and encouraging people to get involved with growing Scottish organisation. There was a great response from working class and young people on the need to build a militant mass movement to win indyref2 and not rely upon the parliamentary approach of the pro-capitalist SNP, Alba and Greens. Lots of people stopped to talk and sign our petition, with over 40 buying copies of the paper. Most expressed interest in building the fightback against the Tories, winning a 15% pay increase for NHS staff and a socialist feminist approach to fighting gender violence. We also had lots of discussions about the need to mobilise for protests at November’s Cop26 summit and how the Climate Movement needs to be anti-capitalist. It’s these issues that need to be taken up and linked to the struggle for an independent socialist Scotland. Interested in getting involved? Get in touch!


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