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Jeremy Corbyn suspended from the Labour Party – urgent fight-back needed

The news that Corbyn has been suspended as a result of the Equality and Human Rights Commission is an utter disgrace and a testament to the right-wing counter-revolution which has rapidly taken place since Keir Starmer was elected leader. No doubt, the Blairites in the Labour Party will be celebrating – this is what they wanted since Corbyn was elected as leader in 2015. 

Whilst anti-Semitism and any form of racism and prejudice has no place in the labour movement, and should be fought where ever it rears its ugly head, this is not what the suspension of Corbyn is about. The smears of anti-Semitism were always used to undermine his position and were motivated by the political opposition to left-wing and anti-austerity ideas. We explain more the real issues in this article.

This is the latest, but most extreme, example of the direction of travel of the Starmer leadership. It is a message: the left will not be tolerated in the Labour Party any more!

This attack on Corbyn and the left needs to be resisted immediately. Corbyn should call  an urgent, national online meeting bringing together all those on the left, trade unionists, BLM and climate strike activists to discuss how to fight back against this attack. 

This needs to be part of a wider discussion on what’s happening in the Labour Party and how best the working class and youth can gain political representation. We need a political voice and it is clear that Starmer will stop at nothing to ensure that the Labour Party is not it. 

Now is the time to get organised to fight for the building of a mass socialist working class movement. Join Socialist Alternative today!  


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