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We are living in an extremely turbulent time. We have seen eruptions of mass anger against wealth inequality, huge global movements against racism and police violence. The Coronavirus pandemic has killed over a million people, and we are seeing many governments prioritise the economy rather than saving lives, and the economy on the precipice of the world’s worst ever collapse. Of course, there is also the ever present threat of catastrophic climate change. 

The thread binding all of these crises together is the economic system we live under, capitalism. And yet, whilst the future may seem to be trending ever worse, it absolutely doesn’t have to be that way. We can fight back against the capitalist system. The massive support for the policies of people like Jeremy Corbyn or Bernie Sanders shows an opposition to the current status quo of capitalism, but we need to take these ideas further.

It is through building an organised, fighting movement of workers and young people armed with REVOLUTIONARY IDEAS that we can build a better, socialist future beyond capitalism. 

The Revolutionary Ideas festival is a two day, online event being put on by Socialist Alternative. On Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 November, we will be hosting discussions on a wide variety of different topics, with a range of commissions to pick, as well as a rally on each of the days. 

The topics that these sessions will cover range from historical discussions, looking at the history of different workers movements, and how we can learn from them, to commissions looking at the world situation today. There will also be theoretical commissions, showing how our foundations in Marxism underlie our analysis of the world today, and commissions about special oppressions, discussing how the capitalist ruling class uses sexism, homophobia and racism amongst many others to divide the working class. 

We have a host of speakers scheduled, including exciting speakers from our international, the International Socialist Alternative, who will be able to bring their knowledge from around the world. All the sessions will be exciting and informative, and at a level where everyone should be able to learn something new. If you have any interest in socialist ideas and building a better future, join us at our first Revolutionary Ideas Festival.

Visit revolutionaryideasfestival.com for full details including how to register for the event.


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