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UNITE: Vote Danny Hoggan – socialist candidate in local government

Danny Hoggan, a supporter of Socialist Alternative, is seeking election to the Local Authorities seat of the Unite Executive.

This is an edited version of his election statement.

I have decided to stand for the Local Authorities seat after 7 years on the National Industrial Sector Council. If elected I will build on the work that the NISC has collectively undertaken in the last period.

I have put forward motions on the following issues to the NISC meetings and sector conferences which have helped form and influence the Political & Industrial Strategy in our sector.

  • Anti-austerity Motion committing Unite to call for No Cuts Needs Budgets.
  • Motion highlighting the consequences of Out-sourcing and bogus Social Enterprises.
  • Motion calling for full strike pay for selective disputes in our sector

Our Sector needs someone who can show leadership and organise the fightback on behalf of our members against the decade of Tory cuts! The profile of our sector needs to be raised. The London & Eastern Sector of which I am chair has organised more strikes than any other regional industrial sector council in Unite, something I am very proud of. I have sought the support of the United Left and will work with other UL supporters on the NEC if elected.

Since becoming Branch secretary of Greenwich 2050 Branch I and others (we have 50 shop stewards) have recruited 1150 members and created a branch of 2000 members.

Finally, the branch has been in dispute with the owners of the Woolwich Ferry Briggs Marine for 2 years on and off, achieving several victories. Only last week we discovered that the ferry service would be going back in-house after 11 years in the private sector. This shows what can be achieved by a fighting union branch with a leader who is prepared to lead that fight. It would be an honour if I could take this fighting back spirit onto the EC.


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