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Tory vs. Tory-lite: Which way forward after the election?

The Tories are gasping their last desperate breath before their 14 years in office comes to an end. After 14 years of ruthless austerity, a crumbling NHS, the super-rich getting richer and the rest of us getting poorer, millions will vote to finally get the Tories out. But a Labour government will be just as committed to serving the interests of big business, as Starmer’s current purge of Left MPs further demonstrates. A new left, anti-war political party with socialist policies must be urgently built to challenge the capitalist parties.

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We need system change. Capitalism means poverty, war, climate breakdown, exploitation and oppression. Socialists stand for the alternative – a society run by and for working-class people. A society in which the vast wealth in society is taken out of the hands of a privileged elite, and democratically controlled to meet the needs of all.

Socialist Alternative in England, Wales and Scotland was founded to help build a movement that can transform our society. And we don’t stand alone. We are proud to be part of a vibrant international organisation of dedicated socialist fighters, which has sections in 30 countries across the globe: International Socialist Alternative.

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