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We need system change. Capitalism means poverty, war, climate breakdown, exploitation and oppression. Socialists stand for the alternative – a society run by and for working-class people. A society in which the vast wealth in society is taken out of the hands of a privileged elite, and democratically controlled to meet the needs of all.

Socialist Alternative in England, Wales and Scotland was founded to help build a movement that can transform our society. And we don’t stand alone. We are proud to be part of a vibrant international organisation of dedicated socialist fighters, which has sections in 30 countries across the globe:International Socialist Alternative.

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Socialist feminism


Our newspaper goes beyond just telling the story of frontline struggles. We provide the socialist analysis, strategy,
and tactics needed to win socialist change.

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Strike wave at a crossroads: Fight to win!

Workers must unite to take on the bosses and government, but this will require all union members to take control of their disputes and unions. To achieve this, a common approach across all workers is needed.


Socialist Nurse speaks out: Why I am voting to reject the NHS pay offer

“I am currently working in neonatal intensive care. And I have to say that the mood of the staff – the nursing, auxiliary, domestic and ancillary staff – is one of frustration.

It is 20 years since the Bush and Blair governments launched the full-scale assault on #Iraq, justified by the now discredited claim about the existence of Weapons of Mass destruction which led to an 8-year occupation and left the whole region in chaos.


20 years on from the war on #Iraq & the architects of the imperialist war are still at large. Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell, George W. Bush.

The fact that these war criminals walk freely and appear freely in public is a measure of the scale of injustice that plagues our society.

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